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A 501 (c)(3) non-profit. A place for veterans to remember, relax and restore. 

About us


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The Semper Fi Barn is a culmination of a dream held by three Marine Corps veterans and the son of a Vietnam veteran, working 18-months on a barn badly in need of repair to create a space for veterans & their families to gather in a low key, casual way for fellowship, camaraderie, social networking, and peer support.

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Our Mission: provide a safe, secure, secluded place for veterans and their families to relax, remember, restore themselves in ways that work best for them and to inform, inspire and educate the community.




The restorative nature of the property is perhaps the most important part of the Semper Fi Barn mission. Being in a rural setting without the distractions of modern technology, the veteran can reset their rhythm to more natural cycles, find a path to healing and move forward.

They can take the time to reflect and evaluate where they are today and where they want to go. It may be as simple as spending some quiet moments of reflection and looking forward.

Guests are encouraged to use all amenities on the property including: fire pit, grill, lawn chairs, games, etc.) and to bring food with them in their own ice chest. In the surrounding woods there are several  trails, ranging from 5–30 minutes of easy walking or running. 


The Semper Fi Barn and the surrounding grounds are open by APPOINTMENT or PRE-ARRANGEMENT ONLY. The barn is located on private property and for the safety of guests and the residents, it is important that your visit be pre-arranged with us.  Appointments are easy to arrange by contacting us directly or through your sponsor.  

During your visit, you will have lots of options for things to do:

A Quiet Respite
Want a quiet respite or a relaxing afternoon at the barn? The Semper Fi Barn and property boasts a few relaxing amenities that you can take advantage of:

  • Walking or running trails (5- 30 minutes)

  • Reading/learning/ meditation

  • Fire pit and grill

  • Games 

  • Participate in the chores of the farm

  • 3 Chicken coops and two very friendly dogs

  • Enjoy nature and quiet surroundings

  • Meet other veterans for friendship and bonds

  • Exploring the barn and the memorabilia


Those who have visited the property or wish to be in attendance of a veteran's remembrance ceremony, please pre-arrange your visit. This is a very special time to reflect, and your participation is welcomed.

Honoring and remembering veterans by personalizing dog tags with the service member’s name and details to be hung on the ceiling of the lean-to in the front of the barn is offered as well as a brief ceremony of honor and remembrance

Knowing that the veteran will never be forgotten is a powerful tool in the healing process for family and friends.

Events & Ceremonies (Larger Gatherings)

You can reserve the Semper Fi Barn for a afternoon respite, a remembrance ceremony, family event or veteran gathering (up to 30 guests for a single-day event). Reservations are first-come, first serve.  The barn is a perfect place for family or guests to remember their loved ones who served, honor a friend or simply enjoy a family gathering. Please inquire to learn more about amenities and the rules for use of the barn and surrounding property.

Photography & Video Shoots (Including Media)

The Semper Fi Barn will consider on a case-by-case basis, the ability to use the barn and surrounding property for local photographers. Consideration for this type of use is limited to those with a connection to the military or veterans who have served (photographer or subject). An in-kind donation is not required but is appreciated. If your photoshoot is a for-profit gig, please disclose this at the time of your request.  Media outlets with a desire to use the property as a backdrop for a public news or informational story, should contact us directly. 

Veteran Overnight Stays

The barn has 3 single bunk rooms with a bed, chair and storage cabinets.  Electric connections and ADA accessible bathroom is available.  (HVAC is under construction). Sponsored and qualified veterans are welcomed for up to 2-nights. If you are a veteran or know someone who is a veteran that is in need of a 1 or 2 night respite stay, contact us for more information. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis.  *Only sponsored individuals can stay overnight on the property.   The barn is not a hotel, Airbnb or available for general accommodation overnight rental to the public. Specifically, these overnight allowable stays are intended for veterans who need this respite or desire a connection to other veterans in a meaningful way.  Some guests stay as a part of their healing, while others find the quiet nature of the property a wonderful way to relax and get away from daily distractions.  



The Semper Fi Barn provides a space for complete respite. The intent of the space is to provide a place for the veteran to take a break from the pressures and obligations of their daily life, giving them “breathing space” and a chance to recover, reset and heal.


The calm and relaxing atmosphere of the barn and the natural surroundings can bring about peace, order and perspective to help with closure for unreconciled emotion.


The barn has three single bunk rooms with a bed, chair and storage cabinets.  Electric connections and ADA accessible bathroom is available. (HVAC is under construction) Sponsored and qualified veterans are welcomed for up to 2 nights.
Additionally the barn site is available for veteran family events or ceremonies.



Visitors have the opportunity to honor and remember veterans by personalizing dog tags with the service member’s name and details to be hung on the ceiling of the lean to in the front of the barn. 

Knowing that the veteran will never be forgotten is a powerful tool in the healing process for family and friends.


The breezeway at the barn has photos and posters of all armed services spanning from the Civil War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These visuals and memorabilia help veterans feel a connection to the barn and it’s mission.  It also inspires conversations, nostalgia, reflection and inspiration. 



Throughout construction and even now, the project is largely funded by the property owner, US Army veteran and founder, Tom von Kaenel. Additionally there has been generous support from local businesses, individuals and veterans who support the progress and the goals and who have contributed to the mission through monetary donations or labor.

Your gift in support of this project provides important resources to maintain the barn and continue improvements on the property. Your gift also provides the funding to support supplies for the remembrance ceremonies, continued construction on the barn and events that brings veterans together on a regular basis. 

Other ways you can provide support:

Memorabilia & Activity Donations:

Some donations of memorabilia can be considered. Please be mindful that the Semper Fi Barn is in fact, a barn. The nature of the building does expose items to the weather conditions.

Remembrance Dog Tags:

Although it is NEVER REQUIRED, the remembrance ceremony including the dog tags, chains, flags and supplies needed to maintain the lean to memorial area are hard costs for the Semper Fi Barn. A small donation will go a long way in ensuring we are able to maintain the dog tags for years to come. 



Your one-time or ongoing donations fund the care and maintenance of the barn & surrounding property.



Corporate sponsorships, donations, on-going gifts and legacy gifting fund the barn and provides advocacy for veterans.


Semper Fi Barn Under Construction Veterans Retreat (35).jpg

Lend your expertise in construction or farm maintenance to support the barn and the property.


“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.”

-Wallace Bruce

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